Refund policy

Effective Date: 13 July 2024

Last modified: [-]

At (the “Website”), we are transparent about the nature of our content to provide a clear understanding for our users.

Our Website explicitly states that our content include sexually explicit videos, and we want to emphasize that all our actors and actresses featured in these videos are over the age of at least 18 or at least the age of majority in their respective jurisdiction.

To enhance user awareness, we clearly outline the types of files available in various media formats and provide previews or summaries for each downloadable video. These previews enable users to make informed decisions about the content they choose to download, ensuring they are aware of the nature of the material beforehand.

Additionally, we offer a compilation of photos for each pre-download video, further contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the content. This commitment to transparency ensures that users are well-informed about the adult nature of the videos available for download, including their playback format compatibility.

Therefore, the Website offers sufficient information about the videos and the nature of the services to users, in order to be able to decide on proceeding with the purchase of the services. By making a purchase, the users provide us with the consent to begin the performance of the Agreement and acknowledge that the users may lose the right of withdrawal as described below.

We recognize users’ right of withdrawal within 14 days from concluding the contract for online digital content upon payment of such content. However, once the downloading or streaming process commences, may no longer be possible. This is contingent upon the trader obtaining your explicit agreement to the immediate download or streaming, and your acknowledgment that the right to withdraw is forfeited once the performance has started.

If you haven't initiated the download or streaming and wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, please contact us at We will carefully review your case and respond within 3 working days of receiving your email.

Notwithstanding the above, we may, at our sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis, issue a refund. You are responsible for ensuring that your order is correct before purchasing content from the Website(s) or make another type of payment within the Website.

If we, at our sole discretion, provide you a refund, the refund will only be in the form of payment with which you made the original purchase.


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