If you have a complaint about enjoyx.com, (including any complaint about Content appearing on enjoyx.com, or the conduct of a User), please submit your complaint by completing our online form on this page. You are required to complete all mandatory fields, provide a description of your complaint and, if your complaint relates to Content, the URL for the Content to which your complaint relates. More information about our Content and Complaint Policy can be found here.

Following receipt of your complaint of illegal or non-consensual Content

We will take such steps as we consider to be appropriate to resolve your complaint within 7 business days.

If we require further information or documents from you, we will contact you to let you know.

We will in good faith investigate your complaint and take the following action:

  • If we are satisfied that the Content is unlawful or non-consensual, we will immediately remove such Content, and we will notify you of our decision by email or other electronic message.
  • If we are satisfied that the Content is not unlawful or non-consensual, we will notify you of our decision by email or other electronic message.
  • Any dispute regarding our decision on non-consensual content will be submitted by us to a neutral arbitration association

Submit a Complaint or Content Removal Request

If you have any questions write to us by email support@enjoyx.com

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